About Paul Cartone, LMHC, Life and Sports Performance Coach

Paul Cartone, LMHC
Paul Cartone, LMHC

I am a husband and a father. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and two great kids; a boy and a girl. My personal life cannot be any better and I thank God for that.

Professionally, I earned a Masters degree in Counseling and I am doing what I love to do; helping people. Helping people is personally rewarding and I can’t ask for much more. Throughout my life, I have had my share of hard times and have even hit rock bottom financially. Professionally, I have had some adversity and battled through it.  In retrospect, I have learned from these experiences and as as a result have become a better person. My focus professionally has never changed throughout these difficult times. I became a psychotherapist for one reason and one reason only; to help those in need.

I am currently a  Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York State. I am also a Life Coach and Sports Performance Coach. However, I specialize in anxiety and panic attacks because I have been through it. I understand and know first hand what you may be going through. I personally developed a paradigm that I have found to work with thousands of patients that I have been blessed to help over the last 17 years. This paradigm will get you results plain and simple. My goal is to help those who want to take control of their life and free themselves from the emotional abyss as a result of being plagued with anxiety and panic attacks. Yes, there is hope! You can overcome this condition and live a life of freedom and peace.

 For More About My Services Please Visit: http://www.justbementallyfree.com

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