The First Step In Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks-A Traditional Approach

I combine traditional and non-traditional techniques when I work with clients. This traditional technique is absolutely necessary and happens to be the first step in overcoming anxiety and Panic Attacks. If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, this is a very difficult concept and and can be perceived as very risky.

The first step in overcoming anxiety is to Allow Yourself To Feel It. Allowing yourself to feel the anxiety and panic attack will lessen the intensity. If you can train your mind to allow yourself to feel it and experience it, over time, it will become less intense and less scary. This is difficult to do for many reasons. It comes down to fear. Fear, fear, fear. You don’t need to live in fear anymore!

A major characteristic of those with anxiety is the need to be in control. The thought of allowing yourself to feel it is beyond their comprehension especially if the anxiety and panic is so bad it’s ruling their world. When you try to control and contain the anxiety, just the opposite happens. It’s like trying to control this wild caged animal inside of you. It has to get out but the thought of letting it out for the anxiety sufferer is terrifying. So, the opposite happens when you try to control it. The feelings of anxiety intensify inside your body and take total control. This leads to obsessive thinking which can elicit a panic attack. When you try to lock it inside and control it, you are feeding it and giving it more power and fuel to last for a longer time. This is a vicious cycle. The anxiety sufferer must do the opposite. It takes a lot of practice and self-awareness. When the feelings of anxiety present themselves, instead of trying to control it and locking it in, you must immediately give yourself permission to experience it. By giving yourself permission, you are setting yourself up to manage the anxiety and take away it’s power. Making a simple statement like, “I am allowing myself to feel this and I am giving my body permission to have this feeling” is the first step. Next, take a deep breath, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Over time, this will be an automatic response and although you may feel the anxiety, it will be less and less intense. Ultimately, giving you power and control. So, bring it on and invite it to take over when you begin to feel it. Think of it as a game. Opening yourself up and allowing your body to feel it drains the power, and ultimately you win!

If you or your loved one is having difficulty with this first step, you will benefit by learning my non-traditional approach. I guarantee results!

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